Australian Made Organic Search Engine Optimisation

Your great new Wordpress website is up an running – but is it visible to people searching for your service or product?

We specialise in maximising your competitive edge in web marketing. It isn’t just about keywords either, that’s only a small part of any online strategy. To gain a winning edge you need to harness every possible tool available and we can help with this. Search Engine Optimisation can include organic (in page) optimisation; well written and relevant content, customising the ‘snippets’ that display when your site appears in results, ensuring that your website is nimble (fast loading) and many other things that contribute to inclusion in major search engines.

Social media plays an important role in search engine optimisation gaining ground so you need to consider which social media platforms will work for your business and which ones might be a waste of effort.  We analyze your business, its intentions, and your target market and can advise and provision what needs to be done in social media and on your website.